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Intramedullary Nails; Proximal Femoral Nail PFN, Tibial Nail, Femoral Nail, Humerus Nail, Orthopedics and Trauma implants

Easier Operation

Better Fixation

At Dunitech, we value patients, and we are eager to develop and improve medical devices that support professionals.


“Get better” is a mission and a call for us in delivering innovative solutions for the orthopedic community.

Dunitech Claw Technology

Dunitech leads innovational systems, and aims to supply options for the surgeons to excel at their expertise.


Claws are a novelty solution on distal locking systems designed to support the orthopedic trauma community.

  • The Claws are made from titanium, and mechanically

       deploy from within the nail and lag screw.

  • Claws penetrate through the cancellous bone, and

       anchor the nails and lag screw in the cortical bone.

NEON Proximal femoral Nail PFN

Conventional systems are subjected to screw breakage, screw headwear and drill bit breakage that may prevent the nail to be removed. Dunitech Claws are deployed within the nails from precise holes in a tight  fit, preventing empty spaces for bone ingrowth.

Distal Fixation of Bone Trauma Nails using unique Claw Technology for better fixation



29  /  01  /  2024

We are at Dubai
Arab Health Fair


18  /  04  /  2024

We are at MEDEF


16  /  03  /  2023

We are at Expomed Istanbul
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