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Claw Technology

Dunitech Claw Technology

Distal Fixation for internal fixation of orthopedic and Trauma bone implants

Dunitech leads innovational systems, and aims to supply options for the surgeons to excel at their expertise. Claws are a novelty solution on distal locking systems designed to support the orthopedic trauma community.

Claws are titanium pins that act as anchors to provide a stable fixation, as well as other superior operative parameters.


in Action

Biomechanics of unstable subrochanteric fractures for Dunitech Nails

Get Better Stability!

The Claws’ performance was evaluated using a series of biomechanical tests.

All Claws were successfully retracted after every test.

Claws have 6 points of contact with the cortical bone. The load is shared between those points, increasing the implant’s stability, and preventing secondary fractures and malunions.

Dunitech Lag Screw Claw Technology

Lag Screw Claw Technology
Distal Fixation with claw tech provides more rotational stability and compression with no cut out

The internal fixation device should promote good rotational stability to allow for quick regeneration of the bone.

Fracture gap or distraction are also important causes of nonunion.

To tackle these challenges, Dunitech’s Lag Screw utilizes the Claw Technology. It presents three times more rotational stability and a two-fold increase in compression when compared to conventional systems.

Four retractable Claws anchor the lag screw into the cortical bone of the femoral head-neck junction for superior control.

Compressive forces on claw tech intramedullary nails for femoral trochanteric fixation
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